Let a coach guide you and take off the “emotional backpack” that is weighing you down so you can achieve real success... in every area of your life.

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Emotional Performance Coaching

Have a coach to guide you in large groups, small groups, or private coaching. Check out the products below. Starting at $400/month.

12 weeks of group coaching
One call per week
Be coached in the "hot seat" in a group setting

large groups

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small groups


Max 12 people per group

12 weeks of group coaching
One call per week
Be coached individually each week alongside a small, select group of similar individuals
Interact in a small group and have a community to learn from

Max 4 people per group

12 weeks of private coaching
One call per week
Full support during the week with access to the coach via Marco Polo for more immediate questions

One-on-One Coaching

meet the coaches

Natty & Amy

After studying human behavior for years — why people start, but don’t finish, why some people experience debilitating anxiety while others seem to have higher resilience, what actually makes a high-achieving person capable of success — Natty partnered with a Non-profit organization and together, combined 24 years of research and proven results to develop a framework designed to increase your emotional performance and ascend beyond success. Since then, they have worked with thousands of individuals to see transformational change and they can’t wait to work with you!

Meet the Certified Emotional Performance Coaches here to help you.


Women Business Owners

Michelle Gifford

Life After Trauma
Captain Your Story

Beth O'Brien

Addiction Recovery
LevelUP/Captain Your Story

Joshua Penrod

Jenica Parcell

Infertility Specialist 

Young Motherhood

Tessa Romero

Female Health and Wellness
LevelUP/Captain Your Story

SandiRae Hughes

Jeanne Call

Social Impact Leaders
LevelUP/Captain Your Story


Jennifer Fredrickson

Bobbie Pugh

Parenting Support
Captain Your Story

Natty gave me a framework for how I could intentionally claim my identity that allowed me to manifest so many connections in my life. 


It's been miraculous to see the change that has occurred in my business and personal life.

Not only has my business improved, but so have my relationships and understanding of the people around me. She's helped me navigate tough conversations and empower my team.

Chynna H

She's the most supportive cheerleader every business owner needs in their back pocket.

I knew achieving my goals and dreams was possible, yet I was coming across these problems in my life I did not know how to get past. I didn't have the right tools. After working with Natty, I see a way to achieve my goals and dreams. If you are lucky enough to work with Natty, consider yourself blessed!

Jenica Parcell

Infertility Specialist

My life has drastically changed since Natty came into my life. Every week I become a more capable and better version of myself.

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Emotions are at the root of everything you do. 
Learning to master them will be your super power.